Tuition is $5,567 per course for academic year 2021-22. If students take four courses per quarter, they are charged by the quarterly rate of $19,009. A student's total tuition cost will depend on the number of courses taken per quarter, and the number of quarters you require to complete the 12 courses. 

Full-time students are required to take either 3 or 4 courses during their first three quarters in the program (FA, WI, & SP) to maintain their full-time student status.  In addition, all full-time students have a $100 MEM Activity Fee per quarter.

Tuition Estimated Living Expense* Estimated Total Cost
9 Months $57,027 $28,000 $85,027
15 Months $66,804 $40,000 $106,804

*Includes student health insurance, housing, and books

Cost of Living

International students and students who plan to live off campus should anticipate annual cost of living expenses of $20,000 to $25,000.


  • $2,500 for textbooks
  • $4,000 (approx.) for NU health insurance
  • $5,000 miscellaneous (personal, transportation, etc)

Total Cost

Depending on the length of stay in the program, the total cost of the MEM degree, including living expenses, will be anywhere between about $85,027 to $106,804, depending on the student's needs.