Message from the Director

Mark Werwath, Master of Engineering Management DirectorTechnology is a dual edged sword, with both tremendous benefits and challenges that are often the result of unintended consequences of the solutions we pursue. Engineers are intimately involved with the creation of these solutions and increasingly it is managers and leaders that make the key decisions that guide the path of humanity’s progress. By combining the skills, knowledge and tools of the engineer with the decisions being made every day by managers, the engineering management profession sits at the critical junction where options are created and decisions are finalized and innovation is realized.

The Northwestern/McCormick MEM advantage is that we develop technology leaders that know how to create, implement and realize ideas that can lead to rapid commercialization of innovative business and technology solutions that can affect the path of progress. Through systems thinking, we aspire to reduce the impact and incidence of unintended consequences that lead to detrimental long term outcomes. Through innovation we seek to change the dialogue and expand into the art of the “possible”. 

By leveraging the excellent faculty and resources of the Northwestern McCormick community, we develop next-generation technology leaders that can seize opportunity, challenge conventional wisdom, act creatively, and solve some of the world's most difficult problems. We combine theory with practice in order to realize transformative change in the world.

Northwestern University’s MEM program leverages its 3+ decades of history to enhance your network of resources that can develop your systems thinking skills, and help you apply analytical techniques to business and community problems, to enhance your leadership, innovation, and strategic thinking skills as we develop tomorrow's technology leaders. In many ways, the MEM program liberates the engineer and opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities that otherwise may never be realized.

McCormick is an engineering school like no other. With its high degree of collaboration, cross disciplinary approach to education, small size and outstanding faculty and facilities, the MEM program benefits directly and becomes an amplification of all that is outstanding at McCormick. Come and see for yourself, MEM is a great place to be.


Mark Werwath
Master of Engineering Management Director