Brand Loyalty is Outdone by Good Technology and Sound Management

Has anyone heard of the METHOD family of products? I hope you read their company story and see the connections to Chicago, it’s an uplifting story.

Method manufactures plant-based cleaners used in a variety of household applications including dishwasher and washing machine detergents. Our household has converted over completely and here are some reasons why:

  • Method is a recent startup on the south side of Chicago. I try to be loyal to Chicago-based firms where I can. Go Chicago.
  • The company built their plant in a struggling area of the South side where the old Pullman plant used to be located. Doesn’t Pullman’s legacy in manufacturing and rich history make it more exciting?
  • Their products are plant-based and very environmentally friendly.
  • Method is incorporated as a Benefit type corporation. They exist not solely to benefit the investors and shareholders but the community as well (future blog articles on this topic to follow).
  • Their products are now distributed in many mainstream outlets such as Target, Jewel, and Amazon, which makes the purchase very easy.
  • Their pricings are competitive compared to pricings of other competitors in the cleaning market, including Clorox and P&G.
  • Their packaging is user centered, very well-designed with a pleasing look, function-oriented and very durable.

A simple reason why we use Method’s laundry detergent is that it is highly concentrated and with small packages. My wife had problems lifting the large heavy jugs of detergent I used to buy, but now she is using a much smaller Method container with a simple pump at the top that she can easily squeeze with one hand and one finger. Its packing design weighs a lot when it comes to user experience! Very simple operation, and the container lasts for several months.

Bottom line, the consumer packaged goods industry is changing. Relying on past brand loyalties may prove foolish. I abandoned my detergents of choice that I used for more than 20 years in favor of a totally new brand that seemingly came out of nowhere. What does that say about consumers? Perhaps brand loyalty can pivot quickly when the right ingredients are in place and the right elements are properly assembled. None of the above couldn’t have happened without the blend of science and engineering skills with sound management principles.