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Thrinath Ikkurthi reflects on his summer internship with LogicMonitor and how it prepared him for life after MEM.

LogicMonitor is a service-as-a-software (SaaS) company that helps businesses monitor their digital assets.  

If the software is thought of as giving organizations a window into the health of their technology, then Thrinath Ikkurthi’s (MEM '23) role as a product strategy summer intern was like a high-tech glass cleaner. 

Thrinath IkkurthiLogicMonitor's software tracks everything from website load speed to server temperatures and helps businesses avoid digital disasters. Ikkurthi’s job was to help make sure the window through which LogicMonitor’s customers were looking to watch their technology stack was easy to see through.  

One of his projects involved identifying common customer pain points from a massive data set to help position the company’s future software offerings.  

“The most exciting aspect of my work at LogicMonitor was the daily opportunity to research and learn something new,” he said. “I’m particularly proud of my ability to contribute effectively from day one, despite my initial limited knowledge of the company's operations.” 

That ability was fostered thanks in part to his work in Northwestern's Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program, where he honed his understanding of product strategy and competitive analysis.  

During his time in MEM, Ikkurthi has embraced opportunities outside the classroom, including membership with Segal Professional Bridge, a group that offers industry tours, mentorship, and events for students interested in design and innovation.  

“Lessons learned in the MEM program were directly applicable to my work at LogicMonitor,” he said. “Within two weeks, I presented a comprehensive graphical dashboard with a variety of insights derived from analyzing CRM data and other extensive datasets. This effort was highly appreciated.”  

The internship experience itself was something Ikkurthi appreciated. He said the requirement to spend a summer working with a company was part of what drew him to the MEM program.  

Ikkurthi wasn't interested in just having an internship, though. He wanted to thrive in the role he secured. 

“It is crucial for MEM students to seize internship opportunities like this one because they provide invaluable industry exposure, bridging the gap between coursework and practical application,” he said. “Such experiences help students clarify their career goals and apply their academic knowledge in real-world contexts.”  

In addition to his project analyzing customer pain points, Ikkurthi also constructed a new model for the company’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy, with an emphasis in Western European nations. That experience gave him valuable insights into the intricacies of go-to-market and product strategy.  

His time at LogicMonitor did more than just add to his technological skill set. It also gave Ikkurthi more confidence in his abilities and helped sharpen his focus on his post-MEM life. He now wants to work in operations in either information technology or artificial intelligence.  

“I believe this internship has made me a more confident individual and has opened up new opportunities in product and GTM strategy,” he said. “The exposure and learning I gained are truly exceptional, and I am committed to continuing my dedicated efforts.”

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