Student Spotlight: Daniel Kim

Daniel KimDaniel Kim, current part-time student and the Chair of the Student Advisory Board (SAB) at MEM Northwestern University hails from Suwon, South Korea. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Ajou University, Suwon and a PhD in Polymer Engineering from University of Akron, OH in 2004. Aptly enough, he now works as business development manager at Global Materials Research after an intensive 10-years experience as R&D scientist. His research primarily pertained to new product experience for electronic, building material, and transportation applications. In whatever time he manages to squeeze out of his busy schedule he spends it playing golf and watching movies. We asked him about his MEM experience so far and this is what he says:

What Made You Decide to Pursue a MEM Degree?

I am a polymer material scientist with strong statistical data analysis skills. From past industrial experience, I successfully developed new products with multi-million dollars’ sales increase in electronics and transportation markets. However, I found myself questioning business decisions such as how does a company decides to develop new products? or why they want to develop a certain product? I wanted to be a part of this decision-making process which led my decision to join this program.

What is Your Favourite Class or Professor, Why: 

Can’t really pick one! I have only recently joined the program and completed 3 courses. Each course has unique takeaways and business implications. Following are the classes I have taken so far:

IEMS 201 Introduction to Statistics or Data-Driven Decision Making by Bruce Ankenman – It is a very practical statistic courses that prep you for objective data-driven decision making which is the sort of analysis expected of you these days. I recommend this course to all technical people be it academic or professional.

MEM402 Engineering Management by David Semb – Simulates real business predicaments through an auto industry competition. Thanks to this course, I learned how to take better financial decisions.

MEM 417 Product Development by Dan Brown – A thoroughly practical course that teaches planning and execution of products from conception to commercialization and intellectual property safekeeping.

What is Your Favorite Technology Company and Why? 

Tesla is my favorite. I think Mr Elon Musk is a genuine experimentalist who continues to prove that his ideas aren’t merely conjectured rather realities of the present! His company is well on track to becoming the energy & transportation powerhouse, thanks to innovations from Tesla Motors, SolarCity, The Boring Company, Hyperloop, and Space X. Don’t be surprised if Mr Musk colonizes Mars!

What is the Best Part about MEM:

MEM is a really flexible program. It paves way for real-time networking with professionals from various industrial and academic settings. Moreover, their diverse experiences offer unique insights to courses and enhance the in-class experience.

Word of Advice to Future Students:

Join this course if you want to take control of your career and life. And keep pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.