From the Director’s Desk: Did you know that Moore’s law is dead?

Infographic by ‒  Michael Baxter, Co Author iDisrupted

Moore’s law, an industrial standard among chip manufacturers for estimating transistor count on CPUs has run out of gas, thanks to physical and economic limitations and capital budget restraints.

“Named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore who observed in 1965 that transistors were shrinking so fast that every year twice as many could fit onto a chip, and in 1975 adjusted the pace to a doubling every two years.”

Truth is, hardware-based improvements no longer match the pace of software developments (as they once used to), hence a combined prediction has become irrelevant.

So, What is next? Multiple industries have relied on Moore’s law for many years. These industries have allowed applications to grow in their demands for CPU and memory that will now have to adapt to a more constrained environment. What that means for these industries and for the economy is yet to be seen.

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