ENTREP 473: NUvention Media

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NUvention: Web is an interdisciplinary experiential learning program designed to expose students to the entire product and business development life cycle for a software company. In other words, we attempt to simulate the process associated with evolving an idea into a real company within a class. 

Successful software companies are created to address current or future needs/problems. NUvention is designed to simulate how needs/problems become innovations that can become businesses in the real world. Our primary goal is to walk through each of the steps associated with building software applications people will want to use and tell others about.

In a very compressed period of six months, student teams will be expected to work through a number of business model, design, software development, and business development and strategy steps as if they were part of an entrepreneurial team. NUvention represents the most aggressive attempt to allostudents to create a start-up company within the framework of a class.

Additional Information

This course covers two quarters. For more information, such as resources and past syllabi, visit the NUvention Web website.