MEM 490: Technology Strategy for Products



This is a one (1) unit course.

The Technology Strategy course focuses on formulating business strategy in the context of a new technology, new intellectual property, new platforms and new or evolving ecosystems. Students will be given a new technology and be challenged with creating a go to market plan. Such a plan will include developing the product-market alignment, determining the initial application and analyzing the various markets to determine the best first beachhead market for the technology. The students will also be developing a product/technology roadmap and determining the initial market size and expected growth rates based on industry best practices. These roadmaps will be stress tested by assessing the risks and probably future macro-economic and geo-political scenarios as well as supply chain and other vulnerabilities impacting the business.

In addition to working in teams to develop the go to market plan, the students will be exposed to a variety of case studies from HBSP as well as the pages of the Wall Street Journal which will be analyzed in class and students will be actively engaged with assessing both successful and failed product strategies and to develop some basic principles by which future technology strategies are likely to succeed.

Guest speakers from high tech industries will be invited to speak to the students so that first-hand experienced professionals can be engaged by students and additional lessons can be learned and networks developed.

Sources of technology for the class will include INVO technologies, new technologies in the market and new technology discoveries as well as recently patented inventions. A technology strategy framework will also be introduced to the class that will allow students to frame the case studies and in class guest talks and to allow the students to leverage the framework for the various course deliverables.