MEM 437: Strategic Management for Engineers



Finance and Accounting


This is the Master of Engineering Management program's capstone course. It is meant to be taken as one of the final courses of the MEM student's degree, preferably after completing 9 courses.

Organizations have learned that the adage, grow or die is more than a cliché. In today's global market, maintaining the status quo is no longer an option. As the velocity of change accelerates, historic paradigms are surrendering to new. For organizations to survive in today's competitive environment, management must anticipate the strategic inflection of organizational evolution.

Engineers have played a major role in the advancement of society. Undergraduate education for engineers is thorough, precise, and understandably micronistic. At the graduate level, we attempt to couple the micro skills with the broader macro perspective or, in other words, the proverbial big picture. The management role requires engineers to be able to envision, from a broader perspective, the operation of an organization and the market one serves. You must learn to think, act, speak, and process from the "management mind."

This capstone course draws from all functional areas of an enterprise to provide strategic direction to an organization. It also provides engineers with a management perspective as a complement to the engineering orientation, which they currently possess. Strategies are offered to ensure not only success in a competitive "for profit" environment, but the sustainability of success throughout the economic cycle. A framework is developed to understand the interrelation of accounting, finance, operations, engineering, and marketing. Class format will be lecture, case study analysis, open discussion, guest speakers, and student presentation.

Please note: Attendance on the first night of class is mandatory.

Sample Syllabus