Patricio Cofre

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Patricio Cofre

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder – Metric Arts
MEM ‘13

Patricio Cofre is an Entrepreneur. He graduated from the MEM program in 2013 and his concentration was Design and Innovation. He is also the Co-Founder of Metric Arts, a Big Data and Analytics consultancy company with 10 years of experience in projects for the most important Latin American Financial Institutions. Currently he serves as CEO of the company and among the company's achievements, they have opened branch offices in three countries in Latin America and have formed a team of over 50 engineers. Also, in 2015, Metric Arts was awarded as Microsoft's Big Data and Analytics Partner of the Year for the Latin America region.

The year spent in the MEM program opened his eyes to the opportunity to expand his business internationally. In the MEM program, he gained the tools to set up solid managerial processes to face the internationalization. Also, by sharing experiences with other students from many different countries, he gained many insights on how to incorporate cultural issues in the internationalization process.

Patricio's fondest memory is the time he spent with the group of full time students. They formed an extremely collaborative team, that shared a lot of moments working together and learning from eachother. He also learned a lot about the different cultures of the members of the group, by participating in the many cultural activities held at the University.

His favorite class was Strategic Management. The topics are really well selected and he thoroughly enjoyed the discussion generated in class regarding the cases studied.

He urges current students to take the time to meet their fellow classmates because they can teach you a lot. He feels even though you are all engineers, he was surprised by the diversity of specialties and different experiences across the group.