Mentoring Program for BME Undergrads

We are organizing a new mentoring program for our undergraduate students beginning with the current freshman class. The goal is to better connect the current students to their future career peers. The burden is very minimal to the mentors, but will be extremely meaningful to the students that the mentors connect with.

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Your role would entail:

  • Speaking with 1-2 freshmen students for ~30 minutes per quarter and continuing those quarterly conversations throughout the students' time at Northwestern.
  • Learning about their background and future career goals
  • Guiding them through your own experience in college and in your career
  • Helping them connect with industry or professional resources from your network if appropriate
  • Generally serving as a resource for them as they progress through their Northwestern experience

You would have the opportunity to check in with these students a few times per year as they progress through their undergraduate career, and potentially beyond as a lifelong mentor and friend.