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BME Research Day

The Biomedical Engineering Department invites you to attend our annual BME Research Day on Friday, May 21, 2021. This event is designed to highlight the diverse research in our department and to spark collaborations through high-level overviews of current research.

This year, Research Day will be hosted online. We invite you to watch four of this year’s award winners give short oral presentations, and interact with graduate student research presentations on Zoom.

2021 Event Information

Date: Friday, May 21, 2021

Location: Zoom.



  • Welcome Remarks
  • Alumni Speaker: Dr. Tamima Itani, "The Rewarding Career of a BME Doctoral Graduate"
    • A Northwestern doctoral graduate in Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Itani had a highly successful career in Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Affairs, and Quality Systems in the Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Industries.  Tamima will share why she entered the regulatory profession, and the unique aspects, opportunities, and challenges of the profession.
  • Richard W. Jones Dissertation Award & Presentation: Ki-Hee Song, "Technical Advances in Spectroscopic Single-Molecule Imaging"
  • Richard W. Jones Research Progress Award & Presentation (Biomaterials and Regenerative Engineering): Reem Rashid, "Co-localized Polymer-based Circuits for Biosignal Amplification"
  • Richard W. Jones Research Progress Award & Presentation (Neural Engineering and Rehabilitation): Kristen Jakubowski, "Simultaneous in vivo estimation of muscle, tendon, and ankle impedance"
  • Richard W. Jones Research Progress Award & Presentation (Imaging and Biophotonics): Ian Rubinoff, "Retinal oximetry in humans with visible-light optical coherence tomography"
  • Richard W. Jones Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award: Jasmine Vu
  • Pop-talks
    • Rebecca Keate, "Conductive polymer-extracellular matrix composites for regenerative engineering"
    • Dan Song, "Lower limb movements evoked by simultaneous epidural spinal cord and neuromuscular electrical stimulation"
    • Ranya Virk, "Probing the effects of a realistic nuclear environment on transcription"
    • Tim Vu, "Using vesicle lipid domains to enhance cell-vesicle interactions"
    • Shelby Yuan, "TGF-β1 Mimetic Peptide Amphiphiles for Cartilage Regeneration"
    • Nadina Zweifel, "Natural tactile scenes: sensing the world through curvature"
  • Closing Remarks

There will be several entertainment interludes courtesy of BMEGS throughout the course of the event.