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MS Concentration in Translational Biomedical Engineering

The Concentration in Translational Biomedical Engineering provides an opportunity to develop and practice skills including project management, clinical trial design, and medical device regulation.  In addition, the concentration includes mentorship from members of industry over the course of the concentration. Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds including start-up firms, service companies, and established companies. 

This concentration is completed within the core curriculum for the MS in Biomedical Engineering. The program is open to all MS students.

The three courses for the concentration are selected from five categories; students must take one class from three of the five categories described below.  

Classes Within Mccormick That Can Apply to Translational Concentration

Applied Engineering

Course Number Course Title
BMD_ENG 343 Biomaterials and Medical Devices
BMD_ENG 467 Biomedical Robotics
COMP_SCI 365/465* Internet-of-Things Sensors, Systems, and Applications
MECH_ENG 333 Introduction to Mechatronics
MECH_ENG 433 Advanced Mechatronics


Course Number Course Title
CHEM_ENG 382* Regulatory Sciences in Biotechnology
HC_COM 410* Healthcare Regulatory Environment
QARS 450* Medical Device Regulations
QARS 460* Drug and Biologics Regulations

Biostatistics and Clinical Trials

Course Number Course Title
BMD_ENG 407 Experimental Design and Measurement
CLIN_RES 400* Essentials of Initiating Clinical Research
CLIN_RES 403* Clinical Research Design and Methodology
HSIP 445* Statistical Learning for Clinical, Translational, and Population Researchers
MHI 409-DL or MSRC 409 Introduction to Biostatistics
MSCI 311* Clinical Research, Design, Methods, and Grant Writing
MSCI 421 Biostatistics for Clinical Investigators 2
PH 446* Clinical Trials 1

Project Management and Product Development Process

Course Number Course Title
BMD_ENG 495** NUvention Medical Innovation
ENTREP 495* NUvention Therapeutics
IGP/MSCI 422* Introduction to Translational Research
MSCI 303* Drug Development Process
PREDICT 475-L* Introduction to Statistical Analysis
PROJ_PMI 402-0* Applied Project Management

Quality Systems

Course Number Course Title
MSRC 401-0 or 401-DL* Quality Systems
QARS 420-0* Practical Quality Management
QARS 425-0* Quality Assurance Project Management

*Restricted Elective
**2-Quarter Sequence; 1 Restricted Elective + 1 Engineering


Q: Am I able to take courses that are not part of the Graduate School as part of this concentration?
A: MS without thesis students are required to take a total of 12 courses to fulfill MS degree requirements.  Nine of the 12 must be part of the Graduate School (TGS) career track; therefore, MS without thesis students who are accepted to the Translational Concentration are able to take up to 3 courses outside of the Graduate School.  All plans of study must be approved by the Director of the Translational Concentration and the Director of the MS Program prior to enrolling in the courses.  MS with thesis students are required to take 9 courses to fulfill MS degree requirements; therefore, all three courses for the Translational Concentration must be part of TGS course career or students will be required to take additional TGS courses to fulfill the MS degree requirements.