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MS Concentration in Data Science

The Biomedical Engineering MS Concentration in Data Science provides an opportunity to develop a general foundation in data science and the opportunity to build skills in subfields of the discipline. Students complete the Data Science concentration better equipped to develop comprehensive data science pipelines, using computational data analysis for the estimation, prediction, design, and control of engineering systems.

Classes within McCormick That Can Apply to Data Science Concentration

Choose 3 that contribute to MS degree requirements. (These are not separate from the MS degree.)

Programming and Statistics

Course Number Course Title
BMD_ENG 407 Experimental Design and Measurement

Applied Machine Learning

Course Number Course Title
ELEC_ENG 375 Machine Learning: Foundations, Applications, and Algorithms
IEMS 304 Statistical Learning for Data Analysis
COMP_SCI 349 Machine Learning

Data Science and Engineering Electives

Course Number Course Title
BMD_ENG 311-0 Computational Genomics
BMD_ENG 495-0 Topics in Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical Applications in Machine Learning)
BMD_ENG 495-0-5 Wearable Devices: From Sensing to Biomedical Inference
CHEM_ENG 379-0 Computational Biology: Analysis and Design of Living Systems
COMP_SCI 348-0 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
COMP_SCI 496-0 Special Topics in Computer Science (Deep Learning)
COMP_SCI 496-0** Special Topics in Computer Science (Visualization for Scientific Communication)
ELEC_ENG 473-0 Deep Reinforcement Learning
ELEC_ENG 433-0 Statistical Pattern Recognition
ELEC_ENG 435-0 Deep Learning Foundations from Scratch
ES_APPM 345-0 Applied Linear Algebra
ES_APPM 375-1 Quantitative Biology I: Experiments, Data, Models, and Analysis
ES_APPM 375-2 Quantitative Biology II: Experiments, Data, Models, and Analysis
ES_APPM 472-0 Introduction to the Analysis of RNA Sequencing Data
MECH_ENG 341-0 Computational Methods for Engineering Design
MECH_ENG 441-0 Engineering Optimization for Product Design and Manufacturing
MECH_ENG 469-0 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
MECH_ENG 495-0 Selected Topics in Mechanical Engg (Sensory Navigation and Machine Learning for Robotics)
*Restricted Elective