BME 468: Computational Neuromechanics and Neuroethology

This course is not currently offered.


Coding proficiency, ideally MATLAB.


Course Offered Biennially

Understanding the embodied nervous system through analysis of evolution, behavior, sensory ecology, and the computational principles / algorithms that the nervous system needs to solve for execution of natural behaviors.

Who Takes It?

Anyone interested in neural engineering and thinking about the larger context of the nervous system. Participants are expected to be comfortable with programming (preferably MATLAB, but competence in other languages should be sufficient).


Contact MacIver for most recent syllabus. Primary graded work is sets of take-home questions on the scientific papers we read, and computational projects centered on analysis of motion capture data of animals engaged in natural behavior, such as prey capture.


Readings are published peer-reviewed papers. This is updated as needed with each offering of the class.