BME 366-0-01: Biomechanics of Movement

Quarter Offered

Winter : WF 2:00-3:20pm ; Murray


BME 271


BME 366 provides an introductory overview of the broad field of movement biomechanics. BME 366 introduces the application of the mechanical engineering skillsets of rigid body kinematics and dynamics to quantitative problems associated with the study of movement. The course also evaluates skeletal muscle in terms of its role as the mechanical motor that produces musculoskeletal movement.

Who Takes It?

BME 366 is designed for juniors in BME. Seniors and first year graduate students in BME also commonly enroll. BME 366 is optimized for students with limited previous exposure to the higher-level mechanical engineering skills needed for the study of movement. Students often become interested in gaining more in-depth skills in these topics from taking BME 366, and are prepared to enroll in ME 314 Theory of Machines - Dynamics, EECS 390 Introduction to Robotics, and BME 465 Biomechanical Modeling and Simulation of Human Movement at the completion of BME 366. Students with significant previous training in Machine Dynamics and Robotics are discouraged from enrolling in this class.


Introduction to targeted engineering skills used in the study of movement:

  • Linear algebra
  • Defining reference frames from motion capture data
  • Homogeneous transformations
  • Deriving equations of motion for 2D link-segment models
  • Inverse dynamics


No textbook required