BME 354-0-60: Bioelectronics Lab

Quarter Offered

Spring : M 4-4:50pm, T 4:00-6:50pm ; Rogers, Rivnay


BME/MSE 535 is a pre and/or co-requisite for this course



Practical fabrication and implementation of wearable sensors and stimulator bioelectronic platforms. Special topics in current bioelectronics research.

Who Takes It?

First-year graduate students or upper-level undergraduates who have taken or will concurrently take BME/MSE 353. Core engineering concepts and a basic understanding of biomaterials or physiology is helpful.

What It's About

BME/MSE 354 is partner course to 353. BME/MSE 354 expands on the fundamental and applied concepts of BME/MSE 353, by focusing on lab modules that provide opportunities to apply core concepts related to practical implementation, instrumentation, and fabrication, centered on wearables and skin sensing. Applications range from vital sign monitoring to rehabilitation. Lab modules will involve reporting and/or group collaboration. In addition, special topic lectures will enable overviews into the most recent advances in the area of bioelectronics and will be tied where possible to the topics covered in the laboratory modules. Associated literature critiques will closely follow the special topics lectures.


  • Vital signs monitoring with clinical gold standard and wearable bioelectronic systems
  • Cleanroom microfabrication and assembly
  • Skin thermal properties
  • Mechano-acoustics
  • Microfluidics
  • Sweat analytics


No required textbook. Readings will be provided or are freely available through NU.