BME 346-0-01: Tissue Engineering

Quarter Offered

Winter : TTh 9:30-10:50am ; Ameer


BIOL SCI 215 and 219 or BIOL SCI 201 and 202; MAT SCI 201


Tissue engineering is a field that aims to regenerate or repair diseased or injured tissues and organs in the body. This course will use student-directed learning as the teaching tool to introduce students to the concepts, principles, and applications of tissue engineering.

Who Takes It?

This course is typically taken by seniors and first year graduate students that are interested in the fields of Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Engineering, and/or Regenerative Medicine.


  • Introduction to tissue engineering and the case based method
  • Cell/extracellular matrix interactions
  • Cellular processes and interactions with materials/Nanotechnology in tissue engineering
  • Transport of nutrients and metabolites
  • QUIZ 1 and Oral presentation of preliminary proposal
  • Scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Regenerative medicine clinical case study
  • Tissue microenvironment and bioreactor design. Guest: Dr. Jason Wertheim, Transplant Surgery, Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Work on Proposal/Practice Presentation
  • Oral final proposal presentation


Journal, magazine articles, and chapters from books. I recommend Principles of Tissue Engineering Ed. (Lanza, Langer, Vacanti). Access course information through “my blackboard” at

Teaching Methods

Student-directed learning and case studies. Lectures are not a major component of this course.