BME 101-0-01: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

Quarter Offered

Fall : Th 3:00-3:50pm ; Olds
Winter : Th 3:00-3:50pm ; Olds


A course to introduce freshmen and sophomores to the field of Biomedical Engineering

Who Takes It

This is a zero-credit required course for the BS in BME. It should be taken by students in their freshman year.

What It's About

In discussion style format, we will discuss topics important for:

  1. Helping you decide if BME is the right major for you
  2. Making the most of your undergraduate experience. There is one partner-based assignment where you will interview two people working in the BME field.


  • Is BME the major for you? The field of biomedical engineering
  • Preparing for careers in biomedical engineering
  • The BME curriculum
  • Special academic opportunities to consider
  • Becoming involved in research
  • Cooperative education and internships
  • Pre-health professions advice
  • Biomedical engineering ethics