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Northwestern Financials and Cognos

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Contracts with vendors, hotels, event companies, etc. can only be signed by an authorized officer of the University. Deans, faculty and staff are not authorized to sign contracts.

Contracts should be emailed to Susie Wuorinen (cc: Linda Denise LeVeque) in the NU Office of General Counsel (OGC). In turn, OGC will coordinate with Executive Vice President for Business and Financial Operations, Nim Chinniah for signature and the authorized document will be returned to you. You should plan on a 3-week turnaround for this process.

Travel and Entertainment


Cognos Reports

GL068 Guides

Endowment Management

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Northwestern Policies and Procedures

Financial and Accounting Policies

  • Purchasing Policy and Procedures
  • Travel Policies and Procedures
  • Entertainment and Courtesy Guidelines
  • Policy on Gifts from Faculty and Staff

Monthly Self-Assessment Checklist

Risk Assessment Tool

Record Retention Guidelines

What's the Policy and Where Do I Find It?

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McCormick Policies, Procedures, and Forms

McCormick Expense Report Processing

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Financial and Accounting Forms

  • Visitor's Expense Report
  • Contracted Services
  • IRS Form W-9
  • Journal Processing
  • Petty Cash Pay-out
  • Gift Transmittal
  • Equipment Disposal
  • Certification for Faculty iPAD on start-up
  • Project ID ChartField Request Form


Expense Reimbursement

For payroll forms, visit our Human Resources section.