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Using FM to Improve Wireless Networks

Researchers create Wi-FM, which listens to FM radio signals to determine the best times to send data.read more

WildHacks Unites Hundreds from Across United States

The second annual hackathon challenged teams to create web, desktop, and mobile computer projects.read more

Materials Science Shines in Image Contest

Materials science entries swept the top four spots in Northwestern's annual scientific images contest.view the gallery

Measuring Cuba's Troublesome Internet

New research shows that a configuration issue slows Internet traffic traveling to the island.read more

ETOPiA Play Examines Galileo's Controversial Life

A Life of Galileo with run at Northwestern from Nov. 13 to Dec. 6.read more


Protein Conjugation Method Offers Possibilities for Biomaterials

Michael Jewett's team demonstrates how changing protein decoration points impact behavior.read more

Whole-Brain Engineering™

At Northwestern, we empower our students to become whole-brain engineers. We integrate elements of left-brain thinking—analysis, logic, and math—with the high-level right-brain thinking that fosters intuition and creativity. The future belongs to those who can combine both ways of thinking to lead, innovate, and help solve the world's most pressing problems.