EECS Meet the Faculty Series

The purpose of this series is to give EECS faculty and students an opportunity to find out about each other's work. The seminars are at the cutting edge of research but at a level that everybody can understand. We encourage everybody in the department and the Northwestern community to attend.

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Upcoming Speakers


Previous Speakers

October, 2015

"Blocks, Stickers, & Jigsaw Puzzles. Building Computational Literacy Skills for the Next Generation of Scientists"
Prof. Michael Horn
Assistant Professor, EECS Dept, Northwestern University
Hosted by: EECS Dept.

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April, 2015

"Design of Ultra-low Power Integrated Circuits with Emerging Technology"
Prof. Jie Gu
Assistant Professor, EECS Dept, Northwestern University
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Seda Ogrenci Memik

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February, 2015

"Bridging the Gap: Multi-Database Systems for Data Science"
Prof. Jennie Duggan
Assistant Professor, EECS Dept, Northwestern University
Hosted by: EECS Dept.

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October, 2014

"Demand Response and Fluctuation Reduction in Smart Grid"
Prof. Ermin Wei
Assistant Professor, EECS Dept, Northwestern University

May, 2014

"Robust Optimization in Engineering Design"
Prof. Omid Nohadani
Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences Dept, NU
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Hooman Mohseni

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February, 2014

"Mosaic: Quantifying Privacy Leakage in Mobile Networks"
Prof. Aleksandar Kuzmanovic
Associate Professor, EECS
Hosted by: EECS Dept.

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November, 2013

"Enhancing Communities Big and Small"
Prof. Haoqi Zhang
Assistant Professor, EECS & Segal Design Institute, Northwestern University
Hosted by: EECS Dept.

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October, 2012

"Increasing Camera Functionality through Computational Imaging"
Prof. Olliver (Ollie) Cossairt
Assistant Professor, EECS

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November, 2011

"Functional, hybrid metamaterials and nanophotonic devices for optical communication, sensing and energy applications"
Prof. Koray Aydin
Assistant Professor, EECS

October, 2011

"Learning Robot Motion Control for Autonomous and Assistive Robots”
Prof. Brenna Argall
June and Donald Brewer Junior Professor of EECS

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March, 2011

"Topological Insulators: Electronic Materials for the Sorcerer's Apprentice"
Prof. Matthew Grayson
Associate Professor, EECS

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February, 2011

"The Theory of Crowdsourcing"
Prof. Jason Hartline
Associate Professor, EECS

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October, 2010

"Distributed Systems at the Edge"
Prof. Fabián Bustamante
Professor, EECS

"Visual Signal Analysis and Compression: Focus on Texture"
Prof. Thrasos Pappas
Professor, EECS

"Making of a Superlens: Compressing Light A Million Times Smaller Than What is Possible With A Perfect Lens"
Prof. Hooman Mohseni
Professor, EECS

September, 2010

"High-Performance Data Mining: An Essential Paradigm for Knowledge Discovery"
Prof. Alok Choudhary
John G. Searle Professor and Henry and Isabelle Dever Professor, EECS

May, 2010

"Detecting Alterations in Cell Nano-Structure with Optical Imaging: Implications for Cancer Screening"
Prof. Vadim Backman
Professor, Biomedical Engineering

"The statistical behavior of words over time scales from seconds to centuries"
Prof. Janet Pierrehumbert
Professor of Linguistics

April, 2010

"Wireless Resource Allocation: scheduling, feedback and interference games"
Prof. Randy Berry
Professor, EECS

March, 2010

"Recovering Lost Information in Images and Video"
Prof. Aggelos K. Katsaggelos
Professor, EECS Dept, Northwestern University

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February, 2010

"Making Machines That Can See"
Prof. Ying Wu
Professor, EECS

"Teaching Machines to Listen"
Prof. Bryan Pardo
Associate Professor

January, 2010

"Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion with Nanostructure Semiconductors: Phonon Blocking Electron Transmitting Materials"
Prof. Mercouri Kanatzidis
Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Chemistry

"Learner-Computer Interaction: Designing Emerging Technology for Informal Education"
Prof. Mike Horn
Assistant Professor, EECS