IEMS Ph.D. student Jonathan Turner Won the 2010 Doing Good with Good OR Student Competition

IEMS PhD student Jonathan Turner won the 2010 Doing Good with Good OR Student Competition for his project, "Improving the Educational Outcomes of Future Surgeons." Turner presented his project among six finalists on November 7th during the 2010 INFORMS Conference. The Doing Good with Good OR Student Competition is held each year to identify and honor outstanding projects in the field of operations research and the management sciences, conducted by a student or student group, that have a significat societal impact. "Societal impact" should be construed to mean an impact on individuals, communities and organizations that goes beyond that associated with a private-sector for-profit initiative. In addition to societal impact, operations research and management science methods and tools must be central to the success of the projects described.

The project demonstrated how Turner is helping Northwestern Memorial Hospital's vascular surgery residency program overcome obstacles to continuity of care and establish greater equity in the number of operative procedures residents are able to perform. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is using resident-patient assignment software Turner designed and is transitioning toward two-month resident rotations as opposed to one-month rotations to increase continuity of care.