Undergraduate Program
Client Project Challenge

The process of working on projects for external clients is essential to the IEMS undergraduate curriculum. Each year we look for projects for students to work on in the fall and spring quarters.

Do you have a project you would like our students to work on?

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Graphic of the front of a shuttle

Introduction of Electric-Powered Campus Shuttles at Northwestern University

In switching from a diesel to electric-powered bus system, fleet sizes must satisfy demand with the additional incorporation of on-route charging stations.

Ferrara logo

Mixed Bag Optimization for Ferrara Candy Company

A candy company aimed to fill mixed bags by piece count and weight requirements, but needed a flexible marketing tool to prevent overfilled candy bags.

UPS logo

Redesigning the Geographical Territories for UPS Chicago

Lengthy travel times and high package volumes led UPS Chicago to improve methods of customer-hub assignment pairings.

Illustrated faces of people from many backgrounds

Identifying Sentencing Biases in the Illinois Court System

With limited data on the Illinois judiciary, a comprehensive data set was required to encourage accountability among judges and eliminate potential sentencing bias.

Lurie Children's Hospital logo

Optimizing Scheduling of the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Lurie Children’s Hospital

Lurie Children's Hospital aimed to improve patient processing in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, but needed a way to account for bed utilization and waitlisted appointments.

Attea Flyers logo

Automated Scheduling Platform for Attea Middle School

Highly personalized student schedules led a local middle school to streamline the complex process of student scheduling.

Penda Health logo of hands holding a heart graphic

Inventory Management for Penda Health

A health company wanted insight into their inventory management to reduce lost revenue and improve patient experience.

Bank of America Chicago Marathon logo

Bank of America Chicago Marathon Medical Volunteer Allocation Handbook

Efficient staffing of medical volunteer locations throughout the Chicago Marathon is imperative in the event of an emergency.

Graphic of electric charging station

Feasibility Study for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Evanston, Illinois

The City of Evanston looked to encourage electric vehicles with charging stations, but needed an implementation strategy.

Lot of bikes parked on racks

City of Evanston Bicycle Rack Distribution Analysis

Bike parking at inconvenient locations led the City of Evanston to search for a better bike rack distribution.

Red Cross logo

Evaluating Fire Resiliency in Evanston, IL

American Red Cross aimed to assist those who need disaster relief with better models to improve disaster preparedness and resiliency.