Students at the end-of-year Mentoring Matters celebration.

Undergraduate Program
Advising and Mentoring

The mission of the IEMS advising model is to provide opportunities for meaningful connections between students and advisors that result in a comprehensive knowledge of and appreciation for the IEMS curriculum; an understanding of potential research opportunities, graduate study and career options; and the development of cooperative communication and self-awareness.

Advising in IEMS is:

  • Intentional
  • Based on theories of teaching and learning
  • Grounded in knowledge of engineering curriculum and content
  • Guided by the idea of Whole Brain Engineering
  • Reflective of developmental and demographic profiles of the student population
  • Responsive to the needs of individual students
  • Consistent with NU requirements, expectations, and culture

Undergraduates are encouraged to actively participate in mentoring opportunities in the department. Mentoring Matters is an annual program that helps students identify the specific ways in which they can benefit from a mentoring relationship with a faculty, alumni, and peers. 

Students who choose to participate in Mentoring Matters take part in various activities including meeting with faculty, alumni and peer mentors; career development programs; and coaching.