IEMS 393-1: Industrial Engineering Design Project

Quarter Offered

None ;


IEMS 313 and IEMS 315; co-requisite IEMS 317


This course will prepare you for senior design through independent projects, which will allow you to apply the acquired knowledge from many courses. Case studies and small-scale projects involving application of operations research techniques to complex-decisions problems. Mathematical modeling, optimization, and policy analysis in public- and private-sector systems. Written and oral presentations of analyses. 

  • This course is a major requirement for Industrial Engineering, and is taken in the senior year.
  • IEMS 393-2 must be taken in the quarter immediately following.


 Systems approach requiring establishment of:

  • Objectives and criteria
  • Analysis and synthesis of alternatives
  • Feasibility
  • Trade-offs
  • Testing
  • Evaluation


All assignments will be posted on the course Canvas site


While throughout your study in many courses you had to deal with projects, you knew up front what techniques and methodologies to use. The projects in this course will be from a variety of areas and thus you will have to figure out and experiment with which tools to use. In addition, you will have to deal with real-world issues such as large, missing and erroneous data, and sensitivity analysis.