IEMS 382: Operations Engineering and Management



IEMS 302; IEMS 310 or IEMS 313


Students will learn applications of operations research methods to practical problems of production planning and inventory control; forecasting; aggregate planning; deterministic and stochastic inventory control, deterministic and stochastic inventory models; MRP; JIT; variability; scheduling in production and service systems. Course includes case studies, homework, exams. 

  • This course is an IE/OR elective for Industrial Engineering.  It can also be used to satisfy the Production & Logistics requirement for the major.    


  • Students will learn the basic concepts of managing and controlling production and inventory systems
  • Students will learn the operational performance measures of production and inventory systems and will understand how those measures impact firms’ financial measures
  • Students will learn the principles of lean manufacturing
  • Students will learn how to use analytical models to find cost-effective production, inventory and workforce management and control policies
  • Students will learn how variability in production and inventory systems affect system performance.
  • Students will learn strategies that can directly reduce variability, or diminish the negative effects of variability on system performance 


  • Introduction to production planning and scheduling
  • Capacity management and control
  • Forecasting using time series (Forecasting stationary demand, demand with trend, and seasonal demand)
  • Aggregate production planning (Common strategies and Linear Programming (LP) approach)
  • Scheduling production and workforce in manufacturing systems
  • Variability in production and inventory systems
  • Deterministic inventory models (EOQ, discount models, EPQ, models with constraints on budget and space)
  • Stochastic inventory models (Newsboy problem, continuous review models, (R,Q) policy, periodic review systems, (s,S) policy)
  • Lean Operations (JIT, CONWIP, Kanban, TQM, TPM,  etc.)
  • Risk pooling strategies


  • Teaching Notes will be posted online
  • Lecture Notes will be posted online


  • The Goal, Third edition, by Goldratt and Cox. North River Press, 2004. ISBN 9780884271789 (Recommended, not required)
  • Operations Engineering and Management; Concepts, Analytics and principles for Improvement,  by Seyed M.R. Iravani, McGraw-Hill 2020. ISBN 9781260461831 (Required)


This course is a basic introduction to production planning and inventory control. The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the major trade-offs involved in designing effective production and inventory systems. The emphasis is on analytical model formulation, development and analysis in order to obtain cost-effective and efficient management control principles for production and inventory systems.