IEMS 381: Supply-Chain Modeling and Analysis

Quarter Offered

Fall : TTH 9:30-10:50 AM (Lab: T 4:00, 5:00 PM) ; Wilson


IEMS 313


Application and development of mathematical modeling tools for the analysis of strategic, tactical, and operational supply-chain problems including facility location, customer assignment, vehicle routing, and inventory management. Related topics including the role of information and decision support systems in supply chains. Homework exams, and project.

  • This course is an IE/OR elective for Industrial Engineering.  It can also be used to satisfy the Production & Logistics requirement for the major.


  • To introduce students to the development of mathematical modeling and solution tools for supply chain management;
  • To teach students to use these tools to analyze strategic, tactical, and operational supply-chain decisions including facility location, vehicle routing, and inventory management; and,
  • To engage students in case studies based on real world supply chain decisions.


  • Facility location models
  • Vehicle Routing Problems
  • Inventory models
  • Supply chain coordination and the Bullwhip effect


Required: This course requires a case packet (approx. $40) and purchase of a case study (approx. $5).