Course Listing

The following schedule pertains to only the current academic year (Fall 2023 - Spring 2024). Courses are offered when an instructor is listed.

The schedule for the next academic year (Fall 2024 - Spring 2025) will be adjusted to accommodate the shift to a hybrid delivery structure.


CourseCourse TitleFall 2023Winter 2024Spring 2024
PROJ_MGT 434Lean Construction

PROJ_MGT 446Systems Thinking for Sustainable Design

PROJ_MGT 461Advanced Business Strategy

PROJ_MGT 463Construction Law and Risk ManagementTh 6:30-8pm
Kenneth Roberts

PROJ_MGT 464Alternative Dispute Resolution

PROJ_MGT 465Due Diligence Considerations for Engineering Firms

Karen Layng
PROJ_MGT 466Strategy for Corporate SustainabilityTu 6:30-8pm
Lois Vitt Sale

PROJ_MGT 467Human Resource Management

PROJ_MGT 468Commercial Real Estate Investment and Development

Joseph Santucci, Carlo Santucci
PROJ_MGT 469Finance and Accounting for ExecutivesM 6:30-8pm
Mel Meyer

PROJ_MGT 470Facilities Management

PROJ_MGT 471Leadership and Organization

PROJ_MGT 472Information Systems in Construction
Th 6:30-8pm
Christian Burger

PROJ_MGT 473Communication and Negotiation
Tu 6:30-8pm
Jacqueline Loewe, Kevin Sido

PROJ_MGT 475Project Finance

Kevin Croke
PROJ_MGT 476Creating a Firm-Ambassador Culture

PROJ_MGT 477Public Works Administration

PROJ_MGT 478Ethics in Construction and Engineering

PROJ_MGT 479Business Strategy for Design Firms

PROJ_MGT 495 Chicago Lessons in Land Use