Student Body Profile

A typical student has eight or more years of progressive experience in the design and/or construction industries and is eager to enhance his or her career portfolio for advancement into a senior management role.

Other appropriate candidates for this program include:

  • Those being groomed for the next generation of leadership in a business
  • A top talent who needs more insight to move into an executive position
  • A targeted successor in a family business
  • Active military personnel seeking advancement in rank
  • Retiring military personnel transitioning to a civilian work environment

Student Testimonials and Profiles

Damon Ranieri

EMDC MS graduate, 2015
Project Manager at Lend Lease

"First and foremost, gaining access to some of the most shining stars in my peer group was key. Whether they played the role of competitor, role model, or teammate, I was made to stay at the top of my game. In addition, being in an intimate setting with such well-seasoned and revered building industry professionals played a huge role in the experience. One should see spending such time with their boss as an opportunity.

"This program gives each student significant face time with the practical—we've all taken accounting at some point, but this level of graduate coursework gives valuable guidance on how to read the tea leaves.

"The human resources material puts new perspective on not only how one might look at prospective hires, should you be in a position to make one, but also sheds new light on your own performance during interviews and as an employee.

"The program forces you to take a closer look at your own career choices. You think to yourself, "this is what executives consider on a daily basis." What am I doing right to help me get there? What needs to change?

"Also important was the operational knowledge shared by the industry experts teaching the classes. The program opens your eyes to the soft skills needed to succeed as a C-suite executive. At the same time, it shines a light on the financial indicators and accounting concerns executives work with daily to make sure their companies succeed."

Cornelius Griggs

EMDC certificate graduate, 2014
President of GMA Construction Group

Cornelius Griggs is a native of Chicago who grew up on the city's Far West Side. He’s a proven industry leader with over a decade of valuable construction management experience. Mr. Griggs has led a host of projects across a broad range of product lines, including large scale residential, public housing, and education.

A military Veteran of Foreign Wars, he honorably served his country during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for his service during foreign conflict.