Student Body Profile

EMDC is steeped in the business courses typically found in an MBA program but developed with the built environment professional in mind. We welcome applications from students with diverse backgrounds whose technical expertise and business acumen will be leveraged to direct the unique organizations and companies that drive this important economic sector.

Typically, successful applicants have eight or more years of progressive professional experience, and a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree in:

  • Engineering or an engineering-related field (e.g. engineering sciences, project management, engineering management);
  • Architecture or a related art/design field (e.g. high-performance buildings, urban studies, tall buildings and vertical urbanism, interior design);
  • A social/natural science discipline with some quantitative and/or analytical background (e.g. materials science, welding, earth and planetary sciences, economics, environmental sciences, math/statistics, physics, etc.);
  • Another social/natural science discipline without a quantitative and/or analytical background with subject-area relevance (e.g. history, political science, etc.), so long as the applicant can demonstrate such skills;
  • A professional master’s degree (e.g. business administration, law, etc.).