PROJ_MGT 434: Lean Construction

Quarter Offered

Fall : T, 6:30-8:00pm ; Rich Seiler


The curriculum will introduce the fundamentals of lean construction practices and how progressive executives can use them to collaboratively and rapidly improve their enterprises.  The course will use a dynamic blend of power points, videos, lean writings, industry case studies and interactive simulations as the basis of learning.


  • To clarify the basics elements of lean and the way they reinforce each other in the constant pursuit to produce the finest quality, the lowest cost, the shortest lead-time, the best safety, and the highest morale
  • To provide attendees a sound and practical base of understanding to begin or advance their lean journey (practices) and to inspire them to want to learn more about the benefits of lean management
  • To demonstrate that the true benefits of lean result from a meaningful change to our daily top-down thinking and behavior – you can’t just say “ bless my child go be lean”
Course syllabus