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Photo of Helen Oloroso

Helen Oloroso

Assistant Dean and Director of Career Development
Phone: 847-491-8669
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Advises AM, CmpE, CS, EE, MIES, MSAI, MSiA, MSIT, MSR and recent graduates/alumni.
Photo of Tameca Lyons

Tameca Lyons

Associate Director
Phone: 847-491-5303
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Advises IE, MaDE, ME, MEM, MMM, MPDD, and MSEDI students.
Photo of Sarah Gross

Sarah Gross

Assistant Director
Phone: 847-467-3031
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Advises AP (PhD), BME, CE, ChE, EMDC, EnvE, MatSE, MBP, MPM,MSES, TAM, and undecided students.
Photo of Allison Berger

Allison Berger

Manager, Employer Relations
Phone: 847-491-2613
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Photo of Michelle Bledsoe

Michelle Bledsoe

Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 847-491-5994
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Photo of Shira Bernstein

Shira Bernstein

Communications Coordinator
Phone: 847-491-3366
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Photo of Michelle Gray

Michelle Gray

Data Solutions Analyst
Phone: 847-467-5644
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