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Uri Wilensky

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Education and Social Policy


2145 Sheridan Road
Ford Room 3.221
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-467-3818Email Uri Wilensky


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Center for Connected Learning


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Ph.D. Media Arts and Sciences, MIT, Cambridge, MA

M.A. Mathematics, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

B.A. Mathematics and Philosophy, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Research Interests

I have several distinct research interests. A major interest is in the design of learning technologies. Another major interest is agent-based modeling and the design of ABM languages. Modeling and representational infrastructure software; developing tools that enable users to simulate, explore and make sense of complex systems.

Selected Publications

  • Weintrop, D. & Wilensky, U, “Academic Knowledge Construction and Multimodal Curriculum Development.”, IGI Global, (2015)
  • Wilensky, Uri; Sirer, M. Irmak; Amaral, Luis A. Nunes; Maroulis, Spiro; Guimeri, Roger, “The currents beneath the "rising tide" of school choice: An analysis of student enrollment flows in the chicago public schools”, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, (2015)
  • Wilensky, Uri; Maroulis, Spiro, “Social and Task Interdependencies in the Street-Level Implementation of Innovation”, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, (2015)
  • Wilensky, Uri; Berland, Matthew, “Comparing Virtual and Physical Robotics Environments for Supporting Complex Systems and Computational Thinking”, Journal of Science Education and Technology, (2015)
  • Wilensky, Uri; Brady, Corey; Holbert, Nathan; Soylu, Firat; Novak, Michael, “Sandboxes for Model-Based Inquiry”, Journal of Science Education and Technology, (2015)
  • Wilkerson-Jerde, Michelle Hoda; Wilensky, Uri J., “Patterns, Probabilities, and People: Making Sense of Quantitative Change in Complex Systems”, Journal of the Learning Sciences, (2015)
  • , “Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling: Modeling naturals, social and engineered complex systems with NetLogo.”, MIT Press, (2015)
  • Wilensky, Uri; Wilkerson-Jerde, Michelle; Wagh, Aditi, “Balancing Curricular and Pedagogical Needs in Computational Construction Kits: Lessons From the DeltaTick Project”, Science Education, (2015)