Faculty Directory
Randy Freeman

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech Room M396
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-467-2606Email Randy Freeman


Randy Freeman's Homepage


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Master of Science in Robotics Program


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign, IL

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Research Interests

Nonlinear control theory; robust control and optimal control; nonlinear system theory; control and estimation for multi-agent systems

Selected Publications

  • Freeman, Randy A.; Lynch, Kevin M.; Elwin, Matthew L., “Worst-case optimal average consensus estimators for robot swarms”, IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, (2014)
  • Van Scoy, B.; Freeman, R.A.; Lynch, K.M., “Asymptotic mean ergodicity of average consensus estimators”, Proceedings of the American Control Conference, (2014)
  • Lynch, Kevin M.; Elwin, Matthew L.; Freeman, Randy A., “A systematic design process for internal model average consensus estimators”, Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, (2013)
  • M. Hwang, M.L. Elwin, P. Yang, R.A. Freeman, and K.M. Lynch, “Experimental validation of multi-agent coordination by decentralized estimation and control”, Bentham Publishing, (2013)
  • Freeman, R. A.; Ito, H.; Chaillet, A., “Revisiting the IISS Small-Gain Theorem through Transient Plus ISS Small-Gain Regulation”, Asian Journal of Control, (2012)
  • F. Morbidi, R. A. Freeman, K. M. Lynch and IEEE, “Estimation and Control of UAV Swarms for Distributed Monitoring Tasks”, 2011 American Control Conference, (2011)
  • Bai, H.; Freeman, R.A.; Lynch, K.M., “Distributed Kalman Filtering Using the Internal Model Average Consensus Estimator”, American Control Conference (ACC), 2011, (2011)
  • Bai, H.; Freeman, R.A.; Lynch, K.M., “Robust dynamic average consensus of time-varying inputs”, Decision and Control (CDC), 2010 49th IEEE Conference on, (2010)
  • RA Freeman, TR Nelson, KM ..., “A complete characterization of a class of robust linear average consensus protocols”, ... Control Conference (ACC ..., (2010)
  • P YANG;RA FREEMAN;GJ GORDON;KM LYNCH;SS SRINIVASA;R SUKTHANKAR, “Decentralized estimation and control of graph connectivity for mobile sensor networks”, Automatica, (2010)
  • Lynch, K. M.; Schwartz, I. B.; Yang, P.; Freeman, R. A., “Decentralized environmental modeling by mobile sensor networks.”, Ieee Transactions on Robotics, (2008)
  • Chen, A. L.; Chen, G. Q.; Freeman, R. A., “Stability of nonlinear feedback systems: A new small-gain theorem.”, Siam Journal on Control and Optimization, (2007)