Full-time Program

The admissions committee for the MSIT program takes a balanced look at each applicant. Full-time applicants are evaluated not only for academic ability, but for career goals and overall “fit” for this unique professional program.

Entry into the MSIT program is granted for fall term only, and applications are accepted as early as September 1 of the year before the desired start date. Applications for the full-time program will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis until all spots are filled. The full-time priority submission date is Feb. 1 and the full-time second round submission date is April 30 (to ensure time for visa processing for international applicants). Each MSIT cohort is limited to 25-30 students, so the MSIT program strongly encourages applicants to submit all application materials as early in the application review window as possible. Applications may be submitted prior to Feb. 1 for early review and possible early admission.

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Admissions Requirements

Educational Background

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or electrical engineering (technical degree equivalents considered). Applicants should also have the prerequisite knowledge in programming and higher-level math needed to succeed in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) courses.

Test Scores

GRE: All full-time MSIT students are required to show proof of sufficient math aptitude exhibited by official GRE scores, academic background, and work history. The MSIT program requires a minimum quantitative GRE score of 150. The MSIT ETS GRE code is 1606.

TOEFL: All international students are required to submit a TOEFL score, however, the TOEFL requirement can be waived if undergraduate coursework was taught in English (transcript must note that English was the primary language of instruction). The MSIT program requires international students to have a minimum score of 90/120. The MSIT ETS TOEFL code is 7456.

Work Experience

A minimum of two years of work experience in an IT-related position, in any industry, and at any level (including internship experience) is required in order to apply for the full-time MSIT program.

How to Apply

Please use the following instructions to apply for the Master of Science in Information Technology program (full-time option):

  1. Optional but suggested: If living locally, register for and attend an MSIT information session to learn more about the program and ask individual questions.
  2. Start the MSIT online application in order to be familiar with what is required before submission.
  3. Complete a personal statement of 500 words or less addressing the questions indicated, and upload this and the latest version of your resume to the on-line application.
  4. Request that two recommenders complete the required MSIT letter of recommendation form by entering the contact information of the recommenders in the on-line application. Recommenders should be individuals who can ably attest to your professional abilities (i.e. current supervisor(s), former/recent supervisors, clients or customers, team members, colleagues, etc.). An automated email/form will be sent to the recommender once this information is entered. The email will come from msit@northwestern.edu. You may wish to have each reference add this email to their contact list so that it does not get caught in a SPAM filter.
    Important: Please do not submit names and/or email addresses until you have discussed the MSIT program, the time commitment you will be making to the classes/coursework, and your candidacy with each reference.
  5. Upload a scanned official copy of your undergraduate transcript(s) to the on-line application. As noted below, an official paper transcript directly from your undergraduate university is only required upon MSIT enrollment.
  6. Upload a scanned copy of your ETS GRE score report to the on-line application (no alternate test scores accepted). The MSIT program requires a minimum  quantitative GRE score of 150. As noted below, an official GRE score report directly from ETS is only required upon MSIT enrollment. The MSIT ETS GRE code is 1606. 
  7. Upload a scanned copy of your ETS TOEFL score report to the on-line application. Note: All applicants whose undergraduate degree was taught in a language other than English are required to submit an ETS TOEFL score report. The TOEFL requirement can be waived if undergraduate coursework was taught in English (transcript must note that English was the primary language of instruction). The MSIT program requires a minimum TOEFL score of 90/120. As noted below, an official TOEFL score report directly from ETS is only required upon MSIT enrollment. The MSIT ETS TOEFL code is 7456.
  8. Pay $50 application fee.
  9. Complete applicant areas of the online application and then be sure to click “submit”. Note: Applications can be submitted before recommendation forms have been received.
  10. Verify with an MSIT staff member that your application and all required materials have been received either by email or by phone 847-491-5931.
  11. Once your application has been reviewed by the MSIT admission committee, you may receive a request for an online Skype interview. Interview invitations are only extended to those applicants being further considered for admission. Not all applicants are invited to interview.

Please note: As mentioned above, scanned official transcript copies and scanned official GRE/TOEFL score reports will be accepted for the initial MSIT application review, and are explicitly asked for in the on-line application. However, official sealed transcripts directly from undergraduate/graduate universities or official score reports from ETS are required before an admitted MSIT applicant can be registered for classes at Northwestern University. Upon admission and enrollment, official undergraduate transcripts and test score must be sent to the MSIT program address.