Getting Started
Report an Offer
Report an Offer in McCormickConnect

Follow these steps to report your offer in McCormickConnect:

  1. Log into your McCormickConnect account and go to the "Report a Co-op/Intern Hire" link on the sidebar. If you do not have a McCormickConnect account, contact your ECD Advisor or call our office at 847-491-3366.

  2. Ensure you have uploaded your offer letter to the "Offer Letter" section of your "Report a Hire" page in McCormickConnect. If for some reason you do not have an offer letter at the time you "Report a Hire", please upload your offer letter to the "My Documents" section of McCormickConnect when it is received.

  3. Schedule a registration meeting with your ECD advisor through the "Make Appointment" link in McCormickConnect. Select Registration Meeting in the appointment drop-down menu.

Please note:

  • Undergraduate students going to work in an academic quarter are required to meet with their faculty advisor to ensure their work experience will fit into their course schedule. Students should also ensure that their faculty advisor approves their study plan in advance of the quarter in which they will be working. 
  • A meeting with an ECD career advisor is required to have your experience registered in CAESAR. Reporting an offer in McCormickConnect does not equal a CAESAR registration.

International students

International students need to obtain Curricular Practical Training (CPT) prior to the start of each work term (including summers). Please review CPT guidelines and instructions.