The McCormick Office of Career Development provides both undergraduates and graduates a variety of valuable opportunities to engage in work-integrated learning while at McCormick.

Cooperative Engineering Education Program (Co-op)

Co-op student Ibi Chambers gained hands-on experience at Northrop Grumman.The co-op program allows undergraduate engineering students to integrate periods of classroom study with periods of paid, practical work experience related to their academic major and career goals.


McCormick internships give undergraduates and master's-level graduate students practical work experience with an employer in industry, commerce, or government. Internships typically take place over one term, usually in the summer quarter.

Research Experience

Graduates and undergraduates may engage in a formal engineering research experience, either at a university (including Northwestern University) or a government laboratory. 

Service Learning

Open to both graduates and undergraduates, service learning provides opportunities to volunteer with a non-profit or publicly-funded organization.

program features & enrollment

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Student experiences at a Glance

  • 52% of co-op students reported leading project teams at work
  • 58% of co-ops trained co-workers or clients at work
  • 19% of co-ops supervised other employees
  • 58% of co-ops interacted with overseas clients or vendors while on co-op
  • 33% of co-ops presented technical papers at conferences with or for their co-op employers
  • 13% of co-ops published technical papers based on their co-op experience
  • 13% of co-ops had their names included on patent applications with their co-op employers

past co-op & internship Locations

Here are links to Google Maps for each major identifying their co-op and internship job locations from Summer 2010 to Summer 2014.

Please note: these are not the number of jobs, but rather the number of different geographic locations.