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Jean-Francois Gaillard

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and (by courtesy) Earth and Planetary Sciences


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech A324
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-467-1376Email Jean-Francois Gaillard


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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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D.Sc. Docteur Ès Sciences Physiques - Géochimie, University Denis Diderot (Paris 7) and Paris Institute of Earth Physics (I.P.G.P.), Paris, France

Dr. Docteur de 3ème cycle en Sciences de l'Eau, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

M.S. Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies en Sciences de l'Eau, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

B.S. Maîtrise de Sciences et Techniques Air et Eau, University of Savoie, Chambéry, France

Research Interests

Environmental geochemistry: metal speciation and biogeochemical cycling of metals and metalloids

Selected Publications


    1. Thomas S.A., Tong T., and Gaillard J.-F. (2014) Hg(II) bacterial biouptake: The role of anthropogenic and biogenic ligands present in solution and spectroscopic evidence of ligand exchange reactions at the cell surface. Metallomics , (in press), DOI: 10.1039/C4MT00172A.
    2. Alsina M.A., L. Zanella L., C.A. Hoel, G.E. Pizzaro, J.-F. Gaillard, and P.A. Pasten (2014) Arsenic Speciation in Sinter Mineralization from a Hydrothermal Channel of El Tatio Geothermal Field, Chile. Journal of Hydrology, 518, 434-446
    3. Binh C.T.T., Tong T., Gaillard J.-F., Gray K.A., and Kelly J.J. (2014) Acute Effects of TiO2 Nanomaterials on the Viability and Taxonomic Composition of Aquatic Bacterial Communities Assessed via High-Throughput Screening and Next Generation Sequencing. PLOS One , 9(8) , e106280.
    4. Tong, T., Fang, K.Q., Thomas, S.A ., Kelly, J.J., Gray, K.A., and Gaillard, J.-F. (2014) Chemical Interactions between Nano-ZnO and Nano-TiO2  in a Natural Aqueous Medium. Environmental Science & Technology, 48(14), 7924-7932.
    5. Binh C.T, Tong T., Gaillard J.-F., Gray K.A., and Kelly J.J. (2013) Common freshwater bacteria vary in their responses to short-term exposure to nano-TiO2 in natural surface waters. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 33(2), 317-327.
    6. Tong T., Shereef A., Wu J., Binh C.T., Kelly J.J., Gaillard J.-F., and K.A. Gray (2013) Effects of Material Morphology on the Phototoxicity of Nano-TiO2 to Bacteria. Environmental Science & Technology, 47(21), 12486-12495.
    7. Tong T., C.T.T. Binh, J.J. Kelly , J.-F. Gaillard, and K.A. Gray (2013) Cytotoxicity of commercial nano-TiO2 to Escherichia coli assessed by high-throughput screening: Effects of environmental factors. Water Research, 47, 2352-2362.
    8. Silva-Cadoux C., L. Zanella, and J.-F. Gaillard (2012) Selecting reference compounds for determining chemical speciation by X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 27, 957-965.
    9. Dahl A.L., J. Sanseverino, and J.-F. Gaillard (2011) Bacterial Bioreporter Detects Mercury in the Presence of Excess EDTA. Environmental Chemistry, 58, 552-560.
    10. Hoel C.A., T.O. Mason, J.-F. Gaillard, and Poeppelmeier K.R. (2010) Transparent Conducting Oxides in the ZnO-In2O3-SnO2 System. Chemistry of Materials, 22, 3569-3579.
    11. V. Petkov, Y. Ren, I. Saratovsky, P. Pasten, S. Gurr, M. Hayward, K. Poeppelmeir and J-F. Gaillard (2009), Atomic-scale structure of biogenic materials by total XRD: a study of bacterial and fungal MnOx. ACS-Nano, 3(2), 441-445.
    12. Gaillard, J.-F., Chen, C., Stonedahl, S., Lau, B., Keane, D.T., and Packman, A.I. (2007), Imaging of colloidal deposits in granular porous media by x-ray difference micro-tomography. Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L18404.
    13. Gaillard J.-F. (2007) Probing Environmental Particles and Colloids with X-Rays. In Environmental Particles and Colloids: Behaviour, Structure, and Characterisation, Eds. K.J. Wilkinson and J.R. Lead. IUPAC Series on Analytical and Physical Chemistry of Environmental Systems. Wiley, Chichester, 613-666.
    14. Saratovksy, I., Wightman P.G., Pasten P.A., Gaillard J.-F., Poeppelmeier K.R. (2006) Manganese Oxides: Parallels between Abiotic and Biotic Structures. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128, 11188-11198.
    15. Peltier, E.F., Dahl. A.L., Gaillard, J-F. (2005) Metal Speciation in Anoxic Sediments: When Sulfides can be Construed as Oxides. Environmental Science & Technology, 39, 311-316.
    16. Webb, S. M., Gaillard, J.-F., Ma L.Q., Tu, C. (2003) XAS Speciation of Arsenic in an Hyperaccumulating Fern. Environmental Science & Technology, 37, 754-760.
    17. Taillefert M., C.-P. Lienemann, J.-F. Gaillard, and D. Perret (2000) Speciation, Reactivity, and Cycling of Fe and Pb in a Meromictic Lake. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 64, 169-183.