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Thomas Meade

Professor of Chemistry

Director of the Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging

Professor of Biomedical Engineering


2170 Campus Drive
Silverman Hall 2504
Evanston, IL 60208-2850

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Meade Research Group


Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

The Meade Lab research focuses on inorganic coordination chemistry for the study of molecular imaging of in vivo gene expression and intracellular messengers, transition metal enzyme inhibitors, and electronic biosensors. The design, synthesis and physical properties of transition metal and lanthanide coordination complexes are the foundation of our research.

Selected Publications

    Eckermann AL, Mastarone DJ, Meade TJ. (2014) “The chemistry of multimodal imaging with nanoparticles.” Nicholas Long and Wing-Tak Wong, editors. In: The Chemistry of Molecular Imaging. Wiley Publishing. (2014) In press

    Townsend TR, Moyle-Heyrman G, Sukerkar PA, MacRenaris KW, Burdette JE, Meade TJ. “Progesterone-targeted magnetic resonance imaging probes.” Bioconjugate Chemistry. 2014 Aug 20;25(8):1428-1437

    Hung AH, Holbrook RJ, Rotz MW, Glasscock CJ , Mansukhani ND, MacRenaris KW, Manus LM, Duch MC, Dam KT, Hersam MC, and Meade TJ. “Graphene Oxide Enhances Cellular Delivery of Hydrophilic Small Molecules by Co-incubation.” (2014) ACS Nano, Article ASAP Epub: September 16, 2014

    Preslar AT, Parigi G, McClendon MT, Sefick SS, Moyer TJ, Haney C, Waters EA, MacRenaris KW, Luchinat C, Stupp SI, Meade TJ. “Gd(III) Labeled Peptide Nanofibers for Reporting on Biomaterial Localization In Vivo.” ACS Nano (2014), 8 (7), pp 7325–7332

    Heffern MC, Velasco PT, Matosziuk LM, Coomes JL, Karras C, Ratner MA, Klein WB, Eckermann AE, Meade TJ. "Modulation of Amyloid-β Aggregation by Histidine-coordinating Cobalt(III) Schiff Base Complexes." Chem Bio Chem (2014) Jul 21;15(11):1584-9.

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    Trivedi ER, Ma Z, Waters EA, MacRenaris KW, Subramanian R, Barrett AGM, Meade TJ, Hoffman BM. (2013) “Synthesis and Characterization of a Porphyrazine – Gd(III) MRI Contrast Agent and in vivo Imaging of a Breast Cancer Xenograft Model.” Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging (2014), Jul; 9(4):313-22.

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    Hong BJ, Swindell EP, MacRenaris KW, Hankins PL, Chipre AJ, Mastarone DJ, Ahn RW, Meade TJ, O'Halloran TV, Nguyen SBT. “pH-Responsive Theranostic Polymer-Caged Nanobins: Enhanced Cytotoxicity and T1 MRI Contrast by Her2 Targeting.” Particle & Particle Systems Characterization (2013), 30(9), 770-774.

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    Ahrens MJ, Bertin PA, Vonesh EF, Meade, TJ, Catalona WJ, Georganopoulou D. “PSA enzymatic activity: A new biomarker for assessing prostate cancer aggressiveness.” From Prostate (Hoboken, NJ, United States) (2013), 73(16), 1731-1737.

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    Hung, AH; Duch, MC; Parigi, G; Rotz, MW; Manus, LM; Mastarone, DJ; Dam, KT; Gits, CC; MacRenaris, KW; Luchinat, C; Hersam, MC; Meade, TJ. “Mechanisms of Gadographene-Mediated Proton Spin Relaxation.” Journal of Physical Chemistry C Nanomater Interfaces (2013), Aug 8;117(31), 16263-16273.