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VIDEO: Designing a Smarter Wheelchair with Robotics

McCormick’s Brenna Argall uses artificial intelligence to design new tools for people with disabilities

Nov 19, 2012
Rehabilitation and Robotics: McCormick and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Imagine a wheelchair that can help navigate tight turns, avoid obstacles in a person’s path, and make decisions about how best to travel from point A to point B.

A device like that could be a game-changer for many people with disabilities. And in Brenna Argall’s lab, it’s becoming a reality.

Through a partnership with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, McCormick faculty are using their engineering expertise to help advance technologies to aid people with disabilities.

“My interest is in making robots that can both learn and make decisions,” says Argall, June and Donald Brewer Junior Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. “We’re talking about devices that can share control with the patient.”

Read more about partnerships between McCormick and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.
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By: Sarah Ostman

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