CS Colloquium Series

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december, 2016

Prof. Nick Montfort
Professor of Digital Media, MIT
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Ian Horswill

November, 2016

"From Semantic Parsing to Knowledge-Based Reasoning"
Prof. Lenhart Schubert
Professor, CS Dept. at University of Rochester
Hosted by: EECS Ken Forbus

"A Software Defined Data Plane for Datacenters"
Prof. Arvind Krishnamurthy
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Fabian Bustamante

mAY, 2016

"Project Aristo: Towards a System that can Answer Elementary Science Questions"
Dr. Peter Clark
Senior Research Manager at the Allen Institute for AI
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Ken Forbus

"Types for Untyped Languages"
Prof. Matthias Felleisen
Trustee Professor, College of CIS at Northeastern University
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Robby Findler

"Toward Neural Segmental Sequence Models"
Prof. Karen Livescu
Assistant Professor, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago & Dept. of at University of Chicago
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Doug Downey

aPRIL, 2016

"A New Paradigm for Design"
Johan de Kleer
Director, Systems & Practices Laboratory at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Ken Forbus

"50 Shades of Symbolic Representation and Reasoning"
Prof. Jack Lutz
Professor of Computer Science, Iowa State University
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Ming-Yang Kao

February, 2016

"What are the Elements of Software Design?"
Prof. Daniel Jackson
Professor of Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Robby Findler

"Solving Inverse Problems in Image & Audio Processing: From Sparse Models to Deep Learning"
Dr. Pablo Sprechmann
Postdoctoral Researcher, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Bryan Pardo

"Reclaiming Security for Web Programmers"
Prof. Arjun Guha
Assistant Professor of CS, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Robby Findler

january, 2016

"Programming the Diffuse Web with Hop.js & HipHop.js"
 Dr. Manuel Serrano
Senior Scientist at INRIA
Hosted by: EECS Prof. Robby Findler

"Natural Language Processing Applications in Biomedicine"
Prof. Siddhartha Jonnalagadda
Assistant Professor in Preventive Medicine-Health & Biomedical Informatics at Northwestern
Hosted by: Prof. Robby Findler