Research Areas
Mobile and Connected Health

The Center of Engineering and Health's Mobile and Connected Health research incorporates wireless devices in mobile applications to improve healthcare delivery. Learn more about projects in this area via the links below.

David C. Mohr Lab

Design, developing, evaluating, and implementing technology-assisted behavioral and psychological interventions.

Research Description

David C. Mohr, PhD, is the Director of the Northwestern University Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs). Dr. Mohr’s expertise is in the design, development, evaluation, and implementation of technology-assisted behavioral and psychological interventions. These technologies use mobile phones, tablets, computers, and sensors to support patient behaviors related to health, mental health, and wellness. In the area of development, Dr. Mohr’s primary expertise is in designing applications that can be deployed to phones and desktop computers aimed at treating mental health disorders. While many of these have been relatively standard applications, he is also developing methods of harnessing sensor data from the phone to identify user states that are relevant to the treatment of depression. A second area of development focuses on developing applications aimed at improving adherence to medications and medical regimens. These applications are being deployed in General Internal Medicine, Community Health Centers, and Psychiatry. Finally, Dr. Mohr examines methods of implementing behavioral intervention technologies in the healthcare settings. In general, behavioral intervention technologies are not effective in improving symptoms when delivered as standalone treatments. Dr. Mohr has developed and evaluated methods of providing low intensity coaching support to enhance the use and effectiveness of behavioral intervention technologies. These coaching models can use health professionals, lay people, and peers.

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