New Director Shelley Finnigan Shares Her Excitement for the EMDC Program

Get to know EMDC Director Shelley Finnigan and hear why she's excited to be a part of the program's network.

Dear EMDC community, 

We have now entered the second quarter of Northwestern’s 2022-2023 academic year – a period that also marks my second quarter serving as director of Northwestern Engineering’s Master of Science in Executive Management for Design and Construction (EMDC) and Master of Science in Project Management (MPM) programs.  

Shelley Finnigan, Program DirectorLeading EMDC and MPM into the future is an incredible honor. I look forward to enhancing them both by leveraging my industry experience and the professional network I continue to grow. In the immediate term, that translates to launching several initiatives aimed at broadening our exposure, diversifying our student population, and ensuring we continuously appeal to potential students and the organizations that hire and work with our alumni. 

With respect to the EMDC program, action on these plans is ramping up with gusto this quarter. We will host our first EMDC alumni networking night in late January, and for our alumni in the Chicago area, I look forward to seeing you there. During the meeting, we will formally kick off our alumni ambassador program by introducing its leadership team and our engagement strategy.  

We are also working on a plan to hold our first EMDC seminar series, which will be open to current EMDC students and alumni and will focus on transformative technologies used in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.  

Finally, we are forming an external advisory board, and the industry awareness and knowledge of its members will be crucial to shape our strategic plan and ensure we are aligned with the needs of practicing professionals who learn from us and the organizations that employ them. Stay tuned on this site and our social media outlets to learn more about the individuals who will comprise this new group within our community. 

While it is exciting to imagine our future, a new year brings introspection, and I invite the EMDC community to reflect on the history of our program. Nearly a decade has passed since professor emeritus Ray Krizek laid the foundation for the EMDC program, and his vision and will were supported by a passionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic community that remains active and engaged today. I am confident that I speak for all who have been touched by the program when I express gratitude for that effort.  

Enhancing the foundation and building the future of the EMDC program will be no small task. However, I am confident that together we will make this vision a reality. I thank everyone whose interest in and loyalty to EMDC has fueled our success to date and whose warm welcome has made it clear that we are working together to shape an amazing tomorrow. 


Shelley Finnigan 
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