PROJ_MGT 474: Design Management

Quarter Offered

Fall ; Not offered Fall 2021


Design is all around us and subtly influences our daily personal and business lives. Practitioners who understand the attributes, quantitative and qualitative aspects and the process of achieving successful project design can positively influence the success of their Projects and improve the quality of the built environment in the process.

This course looks at the design process and results from the point of view of all the stakeholders including the Owner, Architect, Contractor and Users. We identify and explore design attributes that positively influence a projects performance and the pitfalls that can derail a project. We will discuss how to build and manage a successful design team that can reliably deliver a quality project and how that design team can effectively deal with the other team members. These issues will be examined as applied across several real estate product types and different size projects with focused case studies looking at what is successful and yields results while acknowledging efforts that were less successful and why

Course Description