The flexible part-time program allows working professionals to continue their education while working full-time.The flexible part-time program allows working professionals to continue their education while working full-time.


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Coursework Overview

The EMDC program consists of two phases: six core courses and six elective courses. This 12-course program will normally take six quarters or about two years, excluding summer sessions. Two online core courses and two or more (depending on demand) elective courses will be offered each quarter. Quarters are ten weeks long and span the following periods: mid-September to early December, early January to mid-March, and late March to early June.

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Core Courses

All students are required to complete six core courses:

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
PROJ_MGT 469: Finance and Accounting for Executives
Tues 6:30-8pm CST
(Melvin Meyer)
PROJ_MGT 463: Construction Law and Risk Management
Thurs 6:30-8pm CST
(Kenneth Roberts)
PROJ_MGT 473: Communication and Negotiation
Mon 6:30-8pm CST
(Karl Keller)
PROJ_MGT 471: Leadership and Organization
Thurs 6:30-8pm CST
(Eric Odderstol and Joel Sensenig)
PROJ_MGT 461: Advanced Business Strategy
Tues 6:30-8pm CST
(Daniel Maguire and Richard Tilghman)
PROJ_MGT 467: Human Resource Management
Wed 6:30-8pm CST
(Patrick McGowan)

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Elective Courses

Besides the EMDC elective courses listed below, additional  courses are being developed and will be offered in forthcoming quarters. 

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
PROJ_MGT 434: Lean Construction
Wed 6:30-8pm CST
(Rich Seiler)
PROJ_MGT 474: Design Management
Day TBA, 6:30-8pm CST
(Charles Porter)
PROJ_MGT 475: Project Finance
Mon 6:30-8pm CST
(Kevin Croke)
Half-credit course (meets Apr 2-30, 2018: 5 classes only)
PROJ_MGT 472: Information Systems in Construction
Mon 6:30-8pm CST
(Christian Burger)
PROJ_MGT 446: Systems Thinking for Sustainable Design
Mon 6:30-8pm CST
(Michelle Halle Stern, Helen Kessler)
PROJ_MGT 476: Creating a Firm-Ambassador Culture
Tues 6:30-8pm CST
(Jackie Loewe)
Half-credit course (meets Apr 3-May 1, 2018: 5 classes only)
PROJ_MGT 477: Public Works Administration
Tues 6:30-8pm CST
(Rodney Worden)
Half-credit course (meets May 8-Jun 5, 2018: 5 classes only)
PROJ_MGT 478: Ethics in Construction and Engineering
Wed 6:30-8pm CST
(Karen Layng)
Half-credit course (meets May 9-Jun 6, 2018: 5 classes only)

The following four options are provided to enable you, if desired, to choose alternative elective courses that better complement your background and are more compatible with your career objectives.

The first option is certain approved online courses offered through the School of Professional Studies (SPS) at Northwestern University during the Fall Quarter 2018 and listed below.  If you would like to take one of these courses, please contact either Professor Raymond Krizek or Professor Ahmad Hadavi at least 10 business days prior to the course start date to facilitate your registration in the course. Due to SPS policies and limited class space for outside students, your registration cannot be confirmed until the week prior to the first class day, so please have an alternative option selected in the case that your registration is not approved. (Note: The School of Professional Studies operates on a slightly different academic calendar than the rest of the University, so we encourage you to pay special attention to the start and end dates when considering courses.)

SPS courses - Fall 2018
MPPA 403-DL: Fundamentals of Public Administration
Tues 7-9:30pm CST
(Morris Taylor)
MPPA 408-DL: Public Organization Theory & Management
Mon 7-9:30pm CST
(William Lester)

MSGH 454-DL: Global Health Management & Strategy
Thurs 7-9:30pm CST
(Kara Palamountain)
MDS_IDS 411-DL: Info Design and Architecture
Wed 7-9:30pm CST
(Michael Dein)
MDS_IDS 452-DL: Intro to Data and Analytics
Wed 7-9:30pm CST
(Marianne Seiler)

The second group of available elective courses is a limited number of specific on-campus courses in the Master of Project Management (MPM) program.  These are taught on the Evanston campus in the evening (6:30 to 9:30pm) once a week.  The Fall Quarter courses shown below are acceptable EMDC electives.

MPM Course Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Spring 2019
PROJ_MGT 411: Commercial Land Use and the Regulatory Environment Tuesday
(Juliane Kelly)
PROJ_MGT 412: Project Funding/Global Capital Markets Thursday
6:30 - 9:20pm
(Melvin Meyer)
PROJ_MGT 413: Transaction Management and Risk Mitigation TBA
PROJ_MGT 414: Project Feasibility Analysis and Valuation TBA
PROJ_MGT 415: Asset Management and Strategic Planning TBA
PROJ_MGT 443: Sustainability Strategies in Organizations Tuesday
(Karen Weigert)
PROJ_MGT 483: Transportation Economics and Finance TBA
PROJ_MGT 487: Management of Operations in Transportation TBA
CIV_ENV 436-0: Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution TBA
CIV_ENV 482-0: Evaluation and Decision Making for Infrastructure Systems TBA

(Note: This schedule is subject to change. Please check the class descriptions website of the Office of the Registrar for the latest updated schedule.)

The third option is to select a course from a specific group of courses that Kellogg will make available to non-Kellogg students at Northwestern. The process for selecting and registering for such a course is explained here.  

When the available courses are determined by the Kellogg registrar, they will be listed in a link that will appear in Step 1 under Steps for Registration.  If you are interested in taking one (and only one) of the available courses, complete the approval form accessible in Step 2 and send this form to Professor Ahmad Hadavi.  He will approve the course and return the form to you to upload to the Kellogg registrar.  If you have a secondary elective course from the list of available courses in the event that your primary course is denied, you should include this course under Additional Information on the form that you submit to the Kellogg registrar. 

Then you will have to wait until the week prior to classes starting to ascertain (via CAESAR) whether or not Kellogg has registered you in either your primary or secondary course (if you have selected a secondary course, but not both).  If you are unable to be registered in any Kellogg course, you will need to select another elective course from one of the other options.

Please be aware that this interaction with Kellogg is handled on a “first-come, first served” basis, so don’t delay processing your request expeditiously.  Also, it is helpful to have a non-Kellogg elective course chosen a priori in the event that your Kellogg request is not approved.

And finally, a fourth option is to take courses at another university.  Of the twelve courses required for an MS degree, up to three transferred elective courses will be accepted towards the EMDC degree requirements.  However, prior approval must be obtained fron the Director or Associate Director before taking any such course.  When requesting prior approval for a course, please provide, insofar as possible, the course title, course description, course syllabus, text used (if any), university where taught, and certification that it is a graduate level course.