Curriculum & Requirements

Curriculum Overview

The minor in data science and engineering consists of 8 courses:

  • 4 courses to comprise the Data Science and Engineering Core
  • 2 studio courses
  • 2 electives from a list of data science-oriented engineering courses.

Important Notes

  • No more than 3 courses may be double-counted among a student's 16-unit major program and the minor.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to discuss curriculum choices for the DS&E minor with their major advisors before proceeding.
  • Courses with a grade lower than C- cannot be applied to the minor.

Minor Requirements

Data Science and Engineering Core (4 credits):

Students must take one course from each of the following areas.

*Note: Courses used towards the basic engineering requirement or unrestricted electives are not considered part of the major program. Courses below marked with * are currently listed as McCormick basic engineering courses. Be aware that required basic engineering courses vary by major.

1. Programming Foundations

2. Statistics Foundations

3. Intermediate Programming and Algorithmic Thinking

4. Applied Machine Learning

Data Science Studio Courses (2 credits):

Both of the following courses must be taken.

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Data Science and Engineering Electives (2 credits):

Students must take two courses chosen from the following list.

*Note: special topics courses in areas other than those listed will not be accepted.