Admissions FAQs

Does applying for the minor commit me to enrolling?

Applying for the minor should indicate a strong interest in the program, though it is not a promise that you will continue. If your application is selected, you will have the opportunity to confirm that you wish to declare. This also commits you to taking DATA_ENG 200 in Winter or Spring 2025.

What are the prerequisites for applying?

The only prerequisite is that you must be a second year in McCormick by the time you start the program.

I am a first-year transfer student, can I apply?

Yes, as long as you're in McCormick. Note that if you are selected, you must complete COMP_SCI 150 before your required enrollment in DATA_ENG 200 in Winter 2025.

I am graduating this year.  Can I still apply?

If space allows, we will admit a small number of seniors to the program this year.  You must be able to complete all program requirements this academic year.  This means taking DATA_ENG 200 in Winter 2025, and DATA_Eng 300 in Spring 2025 (both on TTh 9:30-10:50 a.m.)  You must also have completed all necessary prerequisites for DATA_ENG 300 before the start of Spring 2025.

I am not a McCormick student. Can I apply for the minor?

At present, the minor is only available to McCormick students.

How many classes do you need for the minor?

For the minor you must take eight classes, you need to take two electives for it on top of the required classes. You are allowed to double count four of your major courses, if they match.