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Cheng Sun

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech B392
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-467-0704Email Cheng Sun


Cheng Sun Research Group


Mechanical Engineering

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Ph.D. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Penn State, State College, PA

M.S. Physics, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

B.S. Physics, Nanjing University, China

Research Interests

 Sun’s primary research interests are in the fields of Emerging applications of nano-electronics, nanophotonics, nano-electromechanical systems and nano-biomedical systems necessitate developments of viable nano-manufacturing technologies. His research group is engaged in developing novel nano-scale fabrication techniques and integrated nano-system for bio-sensing and high-efficiency energy conversion.

Significant Recognition

  • 2010 NSF CAREER award

Selected Publications

  • Wang, Q. Jane; Sun, Cheng; Lu, Jie, “Mechanical Simulation of a Diatom Frustule Structure”, Journal of Bionic Engineering, (2015)
  • Balogun, Oluwaseyi; Zhang, Zhen; Sun, Cheng; Ford, Matthew; Ahn, Phillip, “Dynamic near-field optical interaction between oscillating nanomechanical structures”, Scientific Reports, (2015)
  • Sun, Cheng; Baker, Evan; Chen, Xiangfan; Wang, Chen, “Numerical and experimental investigation of light trapping effect of nanostructured diatom frustules”, Scientific Reports, (2015)
  • Chen, Wei; Sun, Cheng; Deng, Jiadong; Rorschach, Katherine; Baker, Evan, “Topology optimization and fabrication of low frequency vibration energy harvesting microdevices”, Smart Materials and Structures, (2015)
  • Li, Hao; Zhou, Fan; Zhang, Hao F.; Dong, Biqin; Zhang, Zhen, “Theoretical and experimental studies of distance dependent response of micro-ring resonator-based ultrasonic detectors for photoacoustic microscopy”, Journal of Applied Physics, (2014)
  • Guo, Dongning; Huang, Jiaxing; Sun, Cheng; Smith, Alexander J.; Wang, Chen, “Repurposing Blu-ray movie discs as quasi-random nanoimprinting templates for photon management”, Nature Communications, (2014)
  • Dong, Biqin; Chen, Siyu; Zhang, Zhen; Sun, Cheng; Zhang, Hao F., “Photoacoustic probe using a microring resonator ultrasonic sensor for endoscopic applications”, Optics Letters, (2014)
  • Jiang, Shang-Chi; Xiong, Xiang; Hu, Yuan-Sheng; Hu, Yu-Hui; Ma, Guo-Bin, “Controlling the Polarization State of Light with a Dispersion-Free Metastructure”, Physical Review X, (2014)