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K.-C Kenneth Park

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering


2145 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

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Mechanical Engineering


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

B.S. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

Research Interests

My research focuses on the interdisciplinary studies of biologically-inspired interfacial thermofluidics and its applications in the field of surface design for new functions and a sustainable future. My research interests include fundamental studies of hydrodynamic and thermal interactions of droplets, bubbles, and particles with surfaces, with the goal of engineering multiple length scale functional surfaces. In particular, I am interested in water collection and treatment as well as relevant energy and environmental research.

Selected Publications

    Hyungryul J. Choi, Kyoo-Chul Park, Hyomin Lee, Thomas Crouzier, Michael F. Rubner, Robert E. Cohen, George Barbastathis, and Gareth H. McKinley, Superoleophilic Titania Nanoparticle Coatings with Fast Fingerprint Decomposition and High Transparency. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 8354-8360, 2017.

    Kyoo-Chul Park, Philseok Kim, Alison Grinthal, Neil He, David Fox, James C. Weaver, and Joanna Aizenberg, Condensation on Slippery Asymmetric Bumps. Nature, 531, 78-82, 2016.

    Kyoo-Chul Park, Shreerang S. Chhatre, Siddarth Srinivasan, Robert E. Cohen, and Gareth H. McKinley, Optimal Design of Permeable Fiber Network Structures for Fog Harvesting. Langmuir, 29, 13269-13277, 2013.

    Hong Zhao, Kyoo-Chul Park, and Kock-Yee Law, Effect of Surface Texturing on Superoleophobicity, Contact Angle Hysteresis, and Robustness. Langmuir, 28, 14925-14934, 2012.

    Kyoo-Chul Park, Hyungryul J. Choi, Chih-Hao Chang, Robert E. Cohen, Gareth H. McKinley, and George Barbastathis, Nanotextured Silica Surfaces with Robust Super-Hydrophobicity and Omnidirectional Broadband Super-Transmissivity. ACS Nano, 6, 3789-3799, 2012.