Faculty Directory
Buckley Crist

Professor Emeritus


2220 Campus Drive
Cook Hall 4019
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-491-3279Email Buckley Crist


Materials Science and Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering


Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Duke University, Durham, NC

B.A. Chemistry, Williams College, Wiliamstown, MA

Research Interests

Polymer Solids and Blends

Our current work focuses on the role of randomly incorporated comonomer units (defects) on the morphology and mechanical properties of polymers. Crystalline fraction, melting temperature, and mechanical and optical properties are controlled by the amount and, to a lesser extent, the type of comonomer.

With well-characterized materials we can compare experimental results to theory in a meaningful way. Our research addresses a number of fundamental questions about semicrystalline polymers: What establishes the noncrystalline fraction of semicrystalline polymers? How do semicrystalline polymers melt? How do crystalline fraction and morphogy affect tensile deformation mechanisms? 

Selected Publications

    Melting Behavior of Polyethylene/a-Olefin Copolymers [with F. M. Mirabella], Journal of Polymer Science: Part B: Polymer Physics 42: 3416-3427 (2004).

    Neck Propagation in Polyethylene [with C. Metaxas], Journal of Polymer Science: Part B: Polymer Physics 42: 2081-2091 (2004). 

    SAXS Studies of Polymer Melting: Models for Surface Melting, Sequential Melting and Stack Melting, Macromolecules 36: 4880-4890 (2003). 

    Thermodynamics of Copolymer Melting, Polymer 44: 4563-4572 (2003).